Stay inside and stay warm! Today is the perfect day to be cozy. Although it’s tempting to want to lay on the couch all day and watch T.V. or play videogames, here are a couple of fun ideas for you to do that are both fun and healthy!

1. Dance party

The back of a young girl jumping up in a star pose with the sun and the blue sky being the background. She has a fairy costume on with wings and a tutu.

Put on your favorite tunes and let loose! Don’t worry about how you look- it’s all in good fun!

2. Hula-Hooping Competition

A multicolored hula hoop.

Find a nice, open space in the house and try to hula hoop for 5 minutes straight. Don’t give up! Keep doing it until you get close!

3. Hide-and-go-seek

A black and white closeup of a little boy putting his hands over his eyes.

Count backwards from 100 while others hide around the house, then try to find them!

4. Board Games

Close of hands playing a board game.

There’s nothing like grabbing a cup of hot chocolate and playing Sorry!, Checkers, or Clue Jr.

5. Arts and Crafts

A close of of a little girl's hands making bead art.

Grab some markers, yarn, crayons, colored pencils, paint, etc. and let your inner artist out! This is a great activity to do if everyone else is busy.

6. Read

A black and white photo of a boy sitting on a couch while reading. His head is leaning on one of his hands while the other holds the book which is also resting in between his knees.

Get those brain juices flowing with an exciting book!

7. Cook

An arial view of a little girl in a blue shirt holding a bowl of raspberries

Make something delicious and warm on this cold day.

8. Write a Story

A closeup of two little girls' faces while one writes on a piece of paper.

Let your daydreams flow out on paper. Write a story for your friends and family to read!

Get creative! Brainstorm other great ideas to keep yourself busy in this winter wonderland.